Holy Trinity Church

trinity church building with fujitsu outdoor units
Fujitsu indoor unit mounted on wall
Fujitsu indoor units mounted above windows

Holy Trinity Church features a wide-open post and bean type construction in its sanctuary, which creates a beautiful space for worship but a less than desirable space to heat and cool efficiently and quietly. The original heating system was a hot water system with underground piping. Between the older heating system, open space and large stain glass windows it proved difficult to keep the sanctuary at a comfortable temperature for parishioners. And as the population of the church grew, the problem was only getting worse.

Aside from the overall comfort in the building, the other consideration was the aesthetics and noise. With the vaulted ceilings and stain glass windows, there was no space to add ductwork or vents. The other desire was to have the new equipment blend in with the existing environment as much as possible, also not intruding with added noise when the system was in operation.

After determining that a Fujitsu ductless mini-split system would be the ideal solution, the church was happy to hear that the new equipment could be installed with no need to change landscaping, carpentry 

or painting. In fact, installation was so minimally invasive for the congregation that there was no change to the formal schedule of daily masses, funerals or weddings.

Many parishioners commented that they hardly noticed that the system was operating other than the comfortable temperature and reduced humidity levels. Even with the quick increase of a high volume of people entering the space at one time, with the modulating capacity of the mini-split units, the comfort level of the space is maintained easily.


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